The #1 Leadership Competency of a Future Ready Leader (and a Fun Brain Science Example!)

The number one leadership competency for ALL future ready leaders is the ability to create engagement, commitment, and trust.

This holds true regardless of the leader’s level—whether it’s the CEO at the top of the organization or the manager in charge of a specific group of employees.

And why is this leadership competency so important? 

Because without engagement, commitment and trust, you’ll never get productivity.

These elements are difficult to build during rapid amounts of change but are the basis for remaining productive.

When trust happens between an employee and a supervisor, work gets done, and the process is smooth. 

When trust is developed between a client and an advisor, the relationship is valuable, and the experience is rewarding.

The thing about trust is that it takes a long time to build, and you can lose it in a snap.

Check out the video below, where I discuss this leadership competency and share a fun example from brain science about how quickly you can lose trust and harm your relationships with others.

Every leader in your organization should be working to develop this leadership competency, seeking to build more engagement, commitment, and trust with those around them.

And they must also be on guard and aware of how emotions and the workings of our brain can derail our best efforts.

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