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"POWERFUL! Learning to spark action for our businesses and communities has never been more important. Packed with actionable practices and relevant research, Gregg Brown’s compelling new book provides the tools you need to start making a difference today!”

- Dr. Marshall Goldsmith,
Thinkers50 #1 Executive Coach and New York Times Bestselling Author of The Earned Life, Triggers, and What Got You Here Won't Get You There.

Spark Action: How to Lead Change That Matters

Do you encounter people that are resistant to change at work? Of course.  Do you have time to deal with that? Definitely not. You may feel you have to sell and convince others on your ideas, especially with multiple demands on your time. Take the pressure off. There is another way.  The future of work is requiring us to get ourselves, our leaders, our teams engaged in change rapidly and to break through this resistance. 

Spark Action will show how - with a new approach to weave others into the action, to get things done and ultimately create change that matters to you.

In his latest  book, internationally acclaimed speaker, entrepreneur, and advisor Gregg Brown unlocks why we can't get others to take action on our ideas and shares insights and strategies to break through resistance to create change in your organization and community.

Brown shares customized strategies and inspirational success stories that he has nurtured in his diverse clients—from Fortune 500s to governments to humanitarian organizations. Brown's easy-to-follow advice, paired with his signature enthusiasm and candor, will have you thinking and creating before you’ve even finished the book!

"Gregg Brown is a natural storyteller, and through his relatable examples, relevant research, and practical advice, Spark Action will show you how to be the kind of changemaker that helps people excel."

Mark Tewksbury, CC, MSM, Olympic Gold Medalist, leader, advocate

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Ready...Set...Change AGAIN!

While change is a big topic, with many models, theories, processes and steps, I felt a need to have a quick and handy reference book that comes from the over 25 years of experience I have in working with people from diverse backgrounds.

Regardless of the type of audience I’ve spoken to, they needed to know how to plan for change, to improve how they handle all the changes thrown at them, how to help the people around them adapt to change – while at the same time, continuing to do all the regular work in our lives!

I hope you find it useful!

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"Whether you're trying to overcome self-doubt, galvanize colleagues, or change the world, Gregg Brown's latest book is a fire-starter for those eager to spark their ideas into action."

– Hamza Khan, Future of work expert and author of Leadership, Reinvented

"An original spark, indeed a righteous troublemaker, Gregg Brown puts forth a masterclass book where his wonderful wisdom and tips for action will spawn the kind of good habits you never knew you needed."

– Dan Pontefract, Author of Work-Life Bloom

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“Change” can be a challenging concept to grasp, especially while we are in the midst of change in our personal or professional lives.

Change is happening constantly and it can be hard to keep up. When change comes along, it requires that we too change. And this can be hard when we disagree, when we are overwhelmed, or when we are feeling like we don’t have the bandwidth for more change in our lives. It leads us to ask the question, 

“How can we rise to the challenge of what’s being asked of us?”  

The answer? Shift our thoughts and behaviours to align with new vision of who we want and need to be! 

I’m not talking about ‘rah-rah’ platitudes that are ineffective and keep us stuck. I’m talking about real knowledge, skills and tools grounded in science.

Workplace change requires us to be real with ourselves and with others. That’s why I make it a point to share funny and inspiring real-world stories that will help you open your mind and your heart. 

Let’s harness the magic of change, together.


Everyone has the ability to shift people’s mindset during change.

My work helps people influence, lead, and navigate change strategically and decisively. During these times, leaders and teams have told me they use this work in their professional capacity and in their personal lives as well. There is an overlap more than ever.

I use a lens of organizational psychology, behavioral science, change management, and talent development so you can create the “right” practices for you and your team.

Everything I discuss I’ve used with colleagues, co-workers, and clients. I share the ones that work – and the ones that bomb.

This personal knowledge and skill development, I believe over-rides all the plans, budgets, and frameworks. It's our day to day interaction with others that will make or break our careers and the success of our organizations as we shape the future of work.

How I work:

I prefer to work closely with you to tailor the engagement to your audience and environment. (No, I won’t eat up all your time. I’m quite low maintenance.) If you’re looking for someone to parachute in, without consultation with you, I’m not that person!

In my career, I’ve found the best speaking engagements with the most takeaways come when we work together to determine what would be the best approach that will work with your audience. One size does not fit all.

Energy and engagement:

Past clients and audience members say that I bring high energy, relatability, interaction, and actionable strategies and tips to all my engagements. (Oh, and a dose of fun!) You can see these comments on my the Speaking page and some below!

Reach out! Let’s create a great event for your team, together.


"SPARK ACTION is the practical wisdom that can only come from someone who’s helped a lot of people shift into higher gear—for REAL." 

- Danielle LaPorte
, Creator of the Desire Map and Heart Centered Leadership Program