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Ready… Set… Change AGAIN! provides a clear and concise overview of the considerations, challenges and approaches for managing people through constant and dynamic change. If you want to get ahead (and stay ahead) of the changes you are facing, buy this book and apply Gregg Brown’s skillful guidance and pragmatic tips.”
—Phil Buckley, award winning author of Change with Confidence; Global Change Management Consultant

“Our conference guests were engaged from the moment Gregg took the stage with his combination of knowledge, meaningful real-life experiences and some fun audience participation. From our initial discussions to the final communication, Gregg was the consummate professional. Gregg’s high energy presentation and thought provoking message were the perfect antidote to the morning after our big conference party. We survey our guests and Gregg received rave reviews. We appreciated Gregg sharing his message, his energy and his knowledge and look forward to inviting him again to a future event.”
—Thomas Ticknor, Chief Operating Officer, QAI Global Institute

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Change is like a wave—when you just get settled there’s another one coming.
About Gregg Brown
Gregg is a captivating speaker, accomplished facilitator, and an expert in change management.

Gregg was part of the ground breaking team that opened the first wave of Starbucks stores in Canada.  With a strong interest in organizational and behaviour change, he then worked with two of the most difficult groups that need real change—hard core prisoners and people living on the street.

Gregg has spoken hundreds of times at conferences and events for clients in Canada and the United States. Gregg holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Leicester in the UK with a focus on organizational psychology, leadership and performance and is an Associate Member of the American Psychological Association. He is an avid reader on anything related to psychology and brain science, especially while sitting on his sunny cottage deck overlooking Lake Erie.

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An Excellent Speaker

“Gregg is a true pro! His attention to detail in the development of content, keynote promotional language and onsite logistical details is impeccable. He put great effort into connecting with the audience. His energy is infectious and insight provided strong takeaways and a-ha moments for conference delegates.”

—Nicole Etherington, Event Manager – Global Exhibitions, Informa


About the Book
Gregg Brown shows that it’s the simple techniques that create the biggest waves of change.

Not filled with endless case studies or an overly detailed “how-to guide,” Ready… Set… Change AGAIN! is designed to be a quick and easy reference book for when you need information on change models, drivers for change, leading during change, and some pitfalls to avoid. Simple tips and techniques are sprinkled throughout that you can immediately put to use.

“Gregg is an extremely engaging and entertaining speaker. His thoughts on how to develop your resilience intelligence are relevant to all of us as we deal with more and more complexity in our day to day jobs. We wouldn’t hesitate to have him back!”

—Kristen Carscallen, Partner, Chief Human Resource Officer, KPMG

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