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The relentless nature of change is stressful for even the strongest people in an organization.


It can feel overwhelming and demotivatingThe fact is that change is inevitable.


A major role of leaders and influencers is to guide people and teams to the next stages, to new heights, into new industries, or simply through rough waters.


Even the most difficult person, can get onboard a change – yet they need the missing ingredient.


Let Gregg help you uncover your own power to create positive change and thrive in today’s organizations.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” –Rumi


This “field” is the missing ingredient. This is where change happens.

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“Our conference guests were engaged from the moment Gregg took the stage with his combination of knowledge, meaningful real-life experiences and some fun audience participation. Gregg’s high energy presentation and thought provoking message were perfect. He received rave reviews. We appreciated Gregg sharing his message, his energy and his knowledge and look forward to inviting him again to a future event.”

Thomas Ticknor

Chief Operating Officer, QAI Global Institute

#BuildexVancouver with @GreggBrownTO fantastic keynote about mastering change in an evolving industry! @DEassociation

—Anouk‏ @AnoukKendall

Gregg really enjoyed your keynote! Thank you for inspiring us today and offering such valuable advice as it offered a fresh perspective!

—Justine Clay‏ @JClay_GLI

Thought provoking keynote from @GreggBrownTO on how we all have the ability to shift mindsets in leading change #JCCchampions

—Annette Down‏ @adownsmith

You are a very engaging speaker! Loved the example of your mom …I look forward to getting your book!

—Tamara Stephens‏ @PSCoachTamara

Fantastic and fun talk on leading change by Gregg Brown @BCQualityForum #JCCChampions – thought I’d throw in (my favourite) colour for this sketchnote! #qf18 @BCPSQC

—liz lamb‏ @ISeeQI

Why can change be challenging? Great plenary presentation by Gregg Brown @#JCCChampions, thanks @CFHI_FCASS

—Matthew Graveline‏ @mgraveli

What one positive change can you create in YOUR world? Great session from @GreggBrownTO #QF18

—Kira‏ @KT4ENG

Awesome Gregg Brown keynote on 5 practical strategies for change. Some New to me!

—linda muzio‏ @lindylooinsask

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