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Hi, I'm Gregg

Over 30 years ago, I was part of the ground breaking team that opened the first wave of Starbucks stores in Canada.

I then jumped into leading complex change initiatives and talent development programs in the government, association and corporate sectors.

Improving how leaders and teams work together during change, has been at the core of my work for the last 20 years. We spend so much time working, why can't we make it a great experience?

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A unique point of view. The ability to connect with people from every walk of life.

I am lucky enough to engage audiences all over the planet to build courage to dive into the never-ending waves of change. And don't they just keep coming! 

These audiences include Fortune 500 companies, governments, associations, through to international humanitarian organizations.


I volunteer and support veterans, ex-military and youth entrepreneurs as I believe entrepreneurs build community and create opportunities for people to express their creativity in the world.


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Here's the fancy stuff: 

  • Spark Action, How to Lead Change That Matters went to #1 on Amazon (Yay!)
  • Spark Action recommended as one of the top business books to read in 2024 by Thinkers360. (Another WOW moment.)
  • Forbes, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, and Entrepreneur have featured my ideas on change, leadership and the future of work. (My Rolling Stone article upped my "cool factor" according to some people.)
  • I hold a Master's of Social Science Degree (MSc)  from the University of Leicester in the UK, with a focus on organizational psychology, leadership and performance 
  • Associate Member of the American Psychological Association.
  • I have my PMP (Project Management Professional) designation so people know I've practiced what I speak on.
  • I have a CTDP designation (Certified Talent Development Professional)
  • Been featured on CTV'S The Social, Global News, CKNW Radio and others
  • Author of 3 books and numerous articles in trade publications
  • 25+ years in adult learning, facilitation and professional speaking
  • Certified in MBTI, DiSC and a bunch of others (Yes  I know a few personality models. I don't believe any one them is 'right'. We are way more complex than an assessment. But these models are useful to understand  how we communicate - as long as we don't label or pigeon-hole people.)

Thanks for taking the time to learn about me - and my passion for helping leaders and teams dive into the never-ending waves of change - that are our future of work. If you like what you've read. Reach out! 

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Gregg Brown is an exceptional keynote speaker. His ability to create a personalized, meaningful and inspirational presentation is second to none. He captured the attention of the audience from start to finish.

- Habitat for Humanity

Welcome! Thanks for visiting.

“Change” can be a challenging concept to grasp, especially while we are in the midst of change in our personal or professional lives.

Change is happening constantly and it can be hard to keep up. When change comes along, it requires that we too change. And this can be hard when we disagree, when we are overwhelmed, or when we are feeling like we don’t have the bandwidth for more change in our lives. It leads us to ask the question, 

“How can we rise to the challenge of what’s being asked of us?”  

The answer? Shift our thoughts and behaviours to align with new vision of who we want and need to be! 

I’m not talking about ‘rah-rah’ platitudes that are ineffective and keep us stuck. I’m talking about real knowledge, skills and tools grounded in science.

Workplace change requires us to be real with ourselves and with others. That’s why I make it a point to share funny and inspiring real-world stories that will help you open your mind and your heart. 

Let’s harness the magic of change, together.


Everyone has the ability to shift people’s mindset during change.

My work helps people influence, lead, and navigate change strategically and decisively. During these times, leaders and teams have told me they use this work in their professional capacity and in their personal lives as well. There is an overlap more than ever.

I use a lens of organizational psychology, behavioral science, change management, and talent development so you can create the “right” practices for you and your team.

Everything I discuss I’ve used with colleagues, co-workers, and clients. I share the ones that work – and the ones that bomb.

This personal knowledge and skill development, I believe over-rides all the plans, budgets, and frameworks. It's our day to day interaction with others that will make or break our careers and the success of our organizations as we shape the future of work.

How I work:

I prefer to work closely with you to tailor the engagement to your audience and environment. (No, I won’t eat up all your time. I’m quite low maintenance.) If you’re looking for someone to parachute in, without consultation with you, I’m not that person!

In my career, I’ve found the best speaking engagements with the most takeaways come when we work together to determine what would be the best approach that will work with your audience. One size does not fit all.

Energy and engagement:

Past clients and audience members say that I bring high energy, relatability, interaction, and actionable strategies and tips to all my engagements. (Oh, and a dose of fun!) You can see these comments on my the Speaking page and some below!

Reach out! Let’s create a great event for your team, together.


Gregg has been featured in national & international media including:


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