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“Gregg is an extremely engaging and entertaining speaker. His thoughts on how to develop your resilience intelligence are relevant to all of us as we deal with more and more complexity in our day to day jobs. We wouldn’t hesitate to have him back!”

—Kristen Carscallen
Partner, Chief Human Resource Officer, KPMG


Change Ready Leadership: Strategies to Create Positive Change in Your Work and Community

Audience: Leaders and Individual Contributors

What tools are available to help us navigate change and get people we influence engaged in our ideas? Most of us are required to lead change – regardless of our job title.  Our staff, clients, and colleagues may think they are ‘change ready’ because of their expertise, yet no one is ready for change that might have a negative impact on them or increase the amount of work they have on their plate! To evolve and be future ready, we need to build these capabilities as there’s no end to the multiple changes that happen at work.

With his experiences leading change initiatives with diverse populations, Gregg guides the audience using insights, relatable stories and solid takeaways with a healthy dose of humour. In this interactive, thought-provoking session, participants will learn ways to break out of status quo change management thinking, develop resilience, and discover people-centric approaches that actually work.

Program Objectives

Attendees at the end of the session will:

  • Acquire the critical mindset and skills needed to accelerate multiple organizational changes
  • Uncover the #1 issue that will make or break the success of your change initiatives
  • Increase the success of internal change initiatives, while keeping the team engaged in the process
  • Identify unique ways to accomplish more when under pressure to perform
  • Embrace the principles of brain science and how to use them to your advantage
  • Discover a simple technique to help team members maintain their productivity during change
  • Unleash a powerful process to get out of problem-based mindset and move into solution-focused thinking to create positive change.

Additional Keynotes

Spark Your Leadership: Making the Change to a Manager Role

Audience: Leaders and Individual Contributors*

Make your leadership come alive. Expand your capacity as a manager. The research shows managers and leaders who have a medium to high level of talent for managing others contribute about 48% higher profit to their companies than average managers! [source]

Making the change to a manager role requires a different mindset, skills sets and practices.  How do we do it effectively and efficiently?

At this interactive keynote, new leaders learn how to harness their energy, maintain their integrity as individuals and become an even better leader than they already are.

Participants will:

  • Explore how to overcome challenges faced by new managers such as: trying to maintain the same relationships you had before you were a manager, preparing your team to be unprepared
  • Learn how to shift your and your team’s mindset to keep teams engaged and productive
  • Examine methods to balance relationships, take a strategic perspective, drive results, and engage your teams during change.
  • Determine specific actions you can take to help you shift effectively to the manager role. 

*This keynote is completely customized to suit your event.

Developing Leadership Resilience: Increase Your Effectiveness During Change

Everyone is a leader regardless of their job title and everyone has that ability to shift people’s mindset during change. Yet, we know being a change leader is not an easy task! The truth is we only have two options when we encounter change: we can be open – or we can be closed.  Most change models don’t address how to increase our capacity to handle change – and how to help our teams be open to organizational changes.  To evolve in today’s changing environment, we need to build those skills as regular change is the new norm in most organizations.

Without a high Resilience Intelligence (RQ), it can be difficult to stay on top of all the changes, lead our teams and be strategic in our responses. In this interactive, powerful, thought-provoking keynote, attendees will gain a useful and unique perspective on leading change. We will also discuss the critical mindset and skills needed to adapt to change AND to create positive change that the audience can immediately put to use.

Program Objectives

Attendees at the end of the session will:

  • Discover practical skills to become more strategic in leading and responding to change
  • Develop useful strategies for being a positive force in the organization by turning negativity into positivity
  • Explore brain science to help yourself and your colleagues be open to change
  • Unique methods to interrupt you and your team’s usual change response to maintain productivity
  • Identify momentum building strategies when the team is feeling ‘stuck
  • Mobilize your team to innovate under pressure using a simple technique
Financial & Professional Services

It’s Not a Risky Investment: Developing Leadership Resilience

Changes impact financial institutions on a daily basis. Technology, financial markets, competing in a global marketplace amidst regulatory changes and requirements, all create an environment where we need to not only be ‘change ready’ but anticipate the future to predict changes! Not only that, consumers expect information quickly, accurately and tend to not like changes unless it’s going to really benefit them. Consumers are looking at accessing services via technology instead of the traditional bricks and mortar institutions. We must increase our resilience and ability to quickly react to changing demands in the marketplace in order to survive.

Program Objectives

At this interactive session, attendees will:

  • Uncover the #1 myth that blocks engagement in organizational change
  • Explore unique methods for your business to equip leaders, staff and customers to be agile in change they may be unprepared for.
  • Discover strategies to handle negative consumer feedback on changes, retain the consumer and bring them even closer to your brand
Associations / Public Sector

Mastering Change During Times of Uncertainty

People are doing more – faster, better and with less. In today’s public sector environment, the ability to efficiently and effectively handle change is critical to your success (as an individual and an organization!). And with relentless pressure to continue on this trajectory, things aren’t slowing down. Rules governing areas such as procurement, budgeting, and human resources, which were originally adopted to prevent public-sector wrongdoing, have created workplaces that can be significantly less flexible than those in the private sector. Information overload, fiscal responsibility and accountability to stakeholders to do more with less, privacy issues combined with the democratic requirement to have information accessible in a timely manner (meaning sometimes within a few hours!) to stakeholders creates a lot of pressure! So the question begs to ask, how do you keep up?

Program Objectives

During this session attendees will:

  • Acquire the critical mindset and skills needed to accelerate multiple organizational changesin a public sector environment
  • Discover techniques to seize the opportunity that change provides including the #1 way to encourage leaders and staff to be open and engaged during change.
  • Increase the success of internal change initiatives, while keeping the team engaged in the process
  • Use brain science to mitigate the negative impact of changes and enhance the opportunity that change provides.

Don’t Have a “Breakdown” over an “Outbreak”!

Healthcare is under tremendous pressure to keep things together when real outbreaks or metaphorical ‘outbreaks’ – such as new technology implementations, or new organizational structures – hit at rampant speeds. Ehealth is creating a new era of health care. Agile changes are required to keep ahead and manage these types of outbreaks. The impact of these changes can sidetrack you, your colleagues, stall your organization and even allow mistakes to happen. These days, people find it extremely challenging to keep up with change in their organizations given the relentless pressure to do more – faster, better and with less! What most change models don’t address is how to improve our capability to handle change. Research has shown that resilience – the ability to handle multiple changes effectively – can be learned. All of us can develop our ability to be resilient and have fewer ‘breakdowns’ to whatever type of outbreak we may be experiencing. 

Program Objectives

At this end of this session attendees will:

  • Develop useful strategies for being a positive force in healthcare by turning negativity into positivity
  • Identify 3 tangible methods to respond to disruptive change and build momentum including how to move to a solution focused mindset from problem-based thinking
  • Explore unique methods to build resilience and get ‘unstuck’ during change
  • Uncover the #1 question to help health care staff be open to ideas, innovation and new ways of thinking

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A True Pro

Gregg is a true pro! His attention to detail in the development of content, keynote promotional language and onsite logistical details is impeccable. He put great effort into connecting with the audience. His energy is infectious and insight provided strong takeaways and a-ha moments for conference delegates.

Nicole Etherington, Event Manager, Global Exhibitions, Informa

Informative and utterly entertaining

Gregg’s keynote at our recent company event was fantastic. It was informative, eye-opening and utterly entertaining. Our team were very engaged and all spoke so highly of the presentation. Gregg really put effort into ensuring he knew about our company’s operations and took the time to learn about why we decided to hold the event in the first place. We definitely recommend Gregg. 

 Judy Harkai, Managing Director, CAPREIT Investment Trust

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