Interactive and Customized Keynotes that Stick

During change, we lead alongside our teams.
Our goal? To create a space that is future-ready.

This is a space where judgement is replaced by discernment, fear is replaced by courage, and where vulnerability creates resilience.

When wisdom and action come together...BAM!
That's when the magic of change happens!

These keynotes will help you do that.


The Future of Work:  A Roadmap for Change-Ready Leaders to Succeed with AI and Change

In the future, when you look back on this unpredictable time, you will know that crises are where people find their greatness. Why? Because they push us in ways we haven’t been pushed. You will also know, you are more change-ready than you think you are.

These truths are at the heart of Gregg’s message, which has been inspiring organizations  around the world to thrive in transformative change. To keep our organizations agile and innovative in the future of work, we must spark action in our teams to be future ready. Yet how do we do that, with what we’ve all just been through? What are the organization’s secrets that make them change ready and thrive today? From CEOs to entrepreneurs and all of us in between, we can apply the lessons learned from their inspiring stories to our everyday lives.

In this dynamic experience, the audience discovers practical ways to:

  • Align and inspire teams for growth
  • Instill the critical discovery mindset needed to accelerate multiple organizational changes
  • Help teams shift to the new vision that is being asked of them
  • Maximize agility to tackle the changes that are coming down the pipe that you can immediately use.
  • Break out of status quo change management thinking and discover people-centric approaches that actually work.

Your keys to resilience are now my new best friends. Thank you for inspirational insights & your thoughtful words.

– Church's Chicken

His energy is infectious and his insight provided strong takeaways and a-ha moments for conference delegates.

– Buildex Conferences


Gregg’s use of humour to approach challenging topics made the keynote relatable and relevant.

– Sun Life Financial

Be Future Ready: Ignite Transformative Change

Navigating disruptive change, getting people engaged in our ideas and inspiring them to thrive all at the same time can be overwhelming!

We may think we are ‘change ready’ because of our expertise and experience. Yet, no one is ready for change that might have a negative impact on them or increase the amount of work we have on our plate!

With Gregg’s experience in leading change with diverse populations, he will leave the audience with new insights, relatable stories and solid takeaways all told with a healthy dose of humour.

In this engaging experience, participants will:

  • Discover three ways to accomplish more and be innovative when under pressure.
  • Embrace the principles of brain science and use them to your advantage
  • Discover a simple technique to help stay driven in organizational life and get ‘unstuck’ during change.
  • Unleash a powerful process to get out of a tactical mindset and move into strategic, solution-focused thinking to create positive change.
  • Identify strategies to help maintain productivity during times of change.


Gregg's engaging keynote included new perspectives with plenty of tips for the audience to use in the workplace.

– Infection, Prevention and Control Canada (IPAC)

The one hour session was informative, eye-opening and utterly entertaining.

– CARPEIT Investment Trust

One  of  the best keynotes ever. Everyone was so engaged with Gregg's presentation and Twitter was chirping! 

– National Career Development  Association

Your energy was infectious, it was what we needed to start the day. I saw people scribbling down lots of reflections.


Navigating Change:  Leading in the Future of Work

We are currently living through a global crisis, unlike anything we have experienced in our lifetime. The pandemic has shown us that in the midst of negative impacts we can look for the opportunities that are available to serve our organization and the planet. We are not the people we were a year ago. We are being called upon to shift our mindset, expand the vision of who we are and what we, and our organizations can do.This is the edge of change where we have to sharpen our capacity to lead. It starts with each one of us – regardless of our job title. During this keynote, we will answer the questions:

  • What are the practical strategies to inspire others and lead during these times?
  • What are 3 steps I can take to quickly lead others through change?
  • How to break out of status quo change management thinking to discover people-centric approaches that actually work?
  • What are the leadership resources and qualities I need to develop to have the impact the future is requiring of me?
  • How do I influence our teams to create the future of work to be even better than we are now?
Change. What is it good for? Create Positive Change in Your Work and the Community

We all experience change, whether positive or negative, no matter the industry we work in, our job title, our skills or our accomplishments. When positive change happens, we are ready to accept it with open arms, but what happens when we face negative change? That’s when we have to decide to step into a negative environment and use our capabilities and skills to create the positive. 

Are you “change-ready?” 

Like you, Gregg has wondered at the magic of change, and has devoted his life's work to what change really means and how people can harness it instead of resent it. Drawing on real-life experiences, testimonials, and solid takeaways that he has learned over the years, Gregg guides audiences through interactive and thought-provoking change initiatives that will leave you inspired. 

Break out of status quo change management thinking and discover people-centric approaches that work!

Attendees will:

  • Acquire the critical mindset and skills needed to accelerate multiple organizational changes
  • Identify unique ways to accomplish more and be innovative when under pressure
  • Embrace the principles of brain science and how to use them to your advantage 
  • Discover a simple technique to help stay driven in organizational life and get ‘unstuck’ during change
  • Unleash a powerful process to get out of problem-based mindset and move into solution-focused thinking to create positive change.
  • Identify strategies to help team members maintain their productivity during times of change.
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Ignite Your Leadership Potential: The Change all Managers Need, to Succeed!

Are you a leader? A manager? Are you in the process of entering a new role? We would all like to excel at being a leader or a manager, correct? How do you do that, however, in a world that is constantly changing, and turn a profit at the same time? 

Research shows managers and leaders who have a medium to a high level of talent for managing others contribute about 48% higher profit to their companies than average managers! [source

Managing others not only requires a unique mindset and the necessary skills, but it requires that we prepare ourselves to accept and grow with change, and influence others to do so as well. 

Through his highly acclaimed interactive keynote, Gregg reveals how new leaders can learn to harness their energy, maintain their integrity, and grow in their skills as leaders, mentors, managers and more, through understanding and utilizing change! 

Participants will:

  • Explore how to overcome challenges faced by new managers, such as trying to maintain relationships with your team as you transition into your new role
  • Learn how to shift you and your team’s mindset to keep teams engaged and productive
  • Examine methods to balance relationships, take a strategic perspective, drive results, and engage your teams during change
  • Determine specific actions you can take to help you shift effectively to the manager role 
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Gregg’s keynote at our recent company event was fantastic. It was informative, eye-opening and utterly entertaining. Our team were very engaged and all spoke so highly of the presentation. Gregg really put effort into ensuring he knew about our company’s operations and took the time to learn about why we decided to hold the event in the first place. We definitely recommend Gregg.

 Judy Harkai,Managing Director, CAPREIT Investment Trust

//// New Best Friends

“Your keys to Resilience are now my new best friends. Thank you for inspirational insights & your kind words.”

~ Vice President, Global Foodservice Leader


Excellent Tools

Gregg is engaging, inspiring and entertaining.  His session on leadership resilience was thoughtful,  well presented, and provided excellent tools for our team to be able to manage change effectively.  I highly recommend Gregg to help your team perform better.

—Steven Hutcheon | VP of Operations,
John Hancock Retirement Plan Services


Down to Earth

“Gregg Brown was an excellent speaker to kick off day two of our conference. Energetic, down to earth, Gregg had researched and ‘knew’ his audience.  His engaging keynote gave his audience new perspectives on resiliency with plenty of tips to take back and use in the workplace.”

Frances MacCusworth Assoc. Executive Director, Ontario Occupational Health Nurses Association


"Gregg brings great energy and knowledge to the stage. I’ve booked Gregg for numerous keynotes over the years because of his ability to engage the audience with relevant humour, useful stories and most importantly, practical takeaways. Conference participants always find him enjoyable and easy to connect with!"


Gregg shared personal anecdotes to put the audience at ease and took comments and moments from the day and brought them to life.

– RBC (Royal Bank)
Customized Workshops & Webinars

I offer customized workshops and webinars to audiences of all sizes. In a smaller group setting, I take a conversational approach, allowing your team the place to question everything as they integrate the content into their work experience.

Get your questions answered, connect as a team, and experience the magic of change in action.

I highly recommend Gregg to help your team perform better. His session provided excellent tools for our team manage change effectively.

- John Hancock Financial 

Create a future ready culture.
 Build change ready teams.


Gregg is an amazing facilitator. He connects with his audience by creating a comfortable, fun and engaging setting. Gregg’s practical and insightful approach sparks highly interactive sessions and many tangible takeaways. We wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again.

– Children's Treatment Network

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