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This is what my clients tell me: I’m a high-energy keynote speaker that engages and inspires the audience. (Truthfully, I don’t set out to inspire – but it seems to happen.) At the same time, I give them practical tools and techniques that they can immediately use. What’s the point of learning something, if we can’t use it? I strive to share ways to break out of status quo change management thinking and help the audience discover people-centric approaches that actually work. What drives me: my work is grounded in science, leavened with humour, because hey, who doesn’t want to laugh a bit, and strengthened by my flair for telling it like it is. I do have to keep it real. Below are a few of my keynotes that can be customized to suit your particular audience. If you see something that you like, reach out!

Leading Change: Developing Leadership Resilience

Being a change leader is not an easy task! Generally, we are required to lead change as part of our regular roles – regardless of our job title. Most change models don’t address how to increase our capacity to handle change. To evolve in today’s changing environment, we need to build these capabilities as there’s no end to the multiple changes that happen at work. The impact of these changes can sidetrack your people and stall your organization. These days, people find it extremely challenging to keep up with change in their organizations given the relentless pressure to do more, faster and better.

Without a high Resilience Intelligence (RQ), it can be difficult to stay on top of all the changes, lead our teams and be strategic in our responses. In this interactive, powerful, thought-provoking keynote, attendees will gain a unique perspective on leading change and acquire the critical mindset and skills needed to create positive change that they can immediately put to use.

Attendees will learn:

  • how to use brain science to help colleagues and clients increase their effectiveness during change
  • practical skills to become more strategic in leading and responding to change
  • 5 actionable strategies to help you and your colleagues maintain their productivity during change

“Everyone is a leader regardless of their job title and you have the ability to shift people’s mindset during change.” —Gregg Brown

©Gregg Brown 2017

Mining the Power of Change to Create Innovation

Innovation doesn’t happen In a vacuum. Innovation requires change- and we all know that isn’t easy! Innovation isn’t just about creative ideas—but taking action on the best ones. Do your people have the right mindsets and skills to create the change and build the future that innovation requires? Through relevant experience and examples, you will get insights and ideas to prepare yourself and others for innovation and the future. In this dynamic and interactive session, you will learn:

  • How to use brain science to prepare you colleagues for the change that innovation requires
  • Practical skills to become more strategic to create and respond to change
  • Actionable steps to develop a solution focused mindset to overcome roadblocks
  • 5 actionable strategies to help you and your colleagues break down the barriers to change and innovative thinking


Associations/Human Resources

Change Management is the HR Challenge Building resilience and the capability to change in your workforce is not an easy task. An organizations’ sense of adaptation, recovery and bounce back following changes of any kind can manifest in very different ways. How do we prepare leaders and staff for the changes? What tools can HR give them to maintain their productivity during disruptive change? How do we take the buzzwords of engagement, efficiencies, and innovation and make them practical and come alive? Associations and HR are often the supports that the rest of the organization goes to. How do we ensure that your teams have the necessary skills and mindsets to support others?  

Energy and infrastructure

Using the Power of Change to Build the Future The energy sector is under extreme pressure by government and consumers to increase efficiency and stay competitive in the marketplace. The transition towards renewable energy is creating opportunities and challenges. The regulatory environment frequently changes. Infrastructure projects can become lightning rods for communities as they may not perceive themselves as being engaged in any of the small or large changes that impact them. The digital disruption creates new opportunities as well as threats. How do we continue to get our consumers to change their energy usage? How do we engage our stakeholders to create excitement for initiatives while acknowledging some of the potentially contentious issues? How do we prepare our leaders and staff to adapt to the changes we know are going to happen but aren’t prepared for?


Don’t Have a Breakdown Over an “Outbreak”! Healthcare is under tremendous pressure to keep things together when real outbreaks or metaphorical ‘outbreaks’ – such as new technology implementations – hit at rampant speeds. E-health is creating a new era of health care. Agile changes are required to keep ahead and manage these types of outbreaks. The impact of these changes can sidetrack you, your colleagues, stall your organization and even allow mistakes to happen. These days, people find it extremely challenging to keep up with change in their organizations given the relentless pressure to do more –  faster, better and with less! What most change models don’t address is how to improve our capability to handle change. Research has shown that resilience – the ability to handle multiple changes effectively – can be learned. All of us can develop our ability to be resilient and have fewer ‘breakdowns’ to whatever type of outbreak we may be experiencing.

Public sector/municipal governments

Mastering Change During Times of Uncertainty     People are doing more – faster, better and with less. In today’s public sector environment, the ability to efficiently and effectively handle change is critical to your success (as an individual and an organization!). And with relentless pressure to continue on this trajectory, things aren’t slowing down.  Rules governing areas such as procurement, budgeting, and human resources, which were originally adopted to prevent public-sector wrongdoing, have created workplaces that can be significantly less flexible than those in the private sector. Information overload, fiscal responsibility and accountability to taxpayers to do more with less, privacy issues combined with the democratic requirement to have information accessible in a timely manner (meaning sometimes within a few hours!) to stakeholders creates a lot of pressure! So the question begs to ask, how do you keep up? How do we stay on top of the all these changes? What are the critical mindsets and skills needed to deal with multiple changes that you can immediately put to use?

Financial/Professional Service

It’s Not a Risky Investment: Developing Leadership Resilience Changes impact financial institutions on a daily basis. Technology, financial markets, competing in a global marketplace amidst regulatory changes and requirements, all create an environment where we need to not only be ‘change ready’ but anticipate the future to predict changes! Not only that, consumers expect information quickly, accurately and tend to not like changes unless it’s going to really benefit them. Consumers are looking at accessing services via technology instead of the traditional bricks and mortar institutions. We must increase our resilience and ability to quickly react to changing demands in the marketplace in order to survive. How can your business prepare its customers and staff for changes? How much information should you share? How can you handle negative consumer feedback on changes, retain the consumer and bring them even closer to your brand? How do we prepare our leaders and staff to adapt to the changes we know are going to happen but aren’t prepared for?

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