Rave Reviews

Educational, Engaging, Relevant

“Gregg was the closing speaker at a recent conference we held for our branch administrators. He took the time to learn what our conference was about and what types of changes our administrators were dealing with before presenting. The result was an educational, engaging, relevant session…a great way to end our 2 day session.”

~ VP, Advisor Development—Assante Wealth Management

Infectious Energy

“Your energy was infectious, it was what we needed to start the day. I saw people scribbling down lots of reflections. There was no doubt that you could’ve taken something away that was immediately useful from your powerful session.”

~ Executive Director Human Resources, KPMG

Everyone Was So Engaged

“Just thought I would drop you a line regarding Gregg Brown’s presentation at our conference.  As you know, Closing presenters have a difficult spot as folks are tired and wanting to go home.  I will say that everyone was so engaged with Gregg’s presentation and twitter was chirping! Gregg was very insightful, humorous and warm. He spent a lot of planning time making his talk personal to our profession.”
~ Executive Director, Health association

New Best Friends

“Your keys to Resilience are now my new best friends. Thank you for inspirational insights & your kind words.”

~ Vice President, Global Foodservice Leader

Exceeded Our Expectations

“Gregg exceeded our expectations. His message was clear and concise of what we had to do as leaders to lead our people better through change.”

~ Information Technology Leader

One of the Best

“You had a very difficult audience to present to and it was one of the best presentations we have experienced. The delivery of the material was top-notched and very relevant and engaging. Excellent skills for both our workplace and life outside work!”

~ Legal Firm Leader

Energizing and Practical

“Very energizing and practical. Gregg has incredible knowledge and passion. Our team learnt how to better manage multiple changes that impede our ability to sustain our performance.”

~ Financial Service Leader

Challenging Insight and Expertise

“Thank you for your insight and energy. Although you made us laugh, your insight and expertise challenged us to take ownership of our conversations in order to have overall better outcomes at work and in our own personal life’s.”

~ Municipality participant

Gregg Is Amazing

“Gregg is AMAZING. I wish more speakers could be like him. Positive, outgoing, relatable and had very relevant stories.”

~ Manager, Ontario College

A True Pro

“Gregg is a true pro! His attention to detail in the development of content, keynote promotional language and onsite logistical details is impeccable. He put great effort into connecting with the audience. His energy is infectious and insight provided strong takeaways and a-ha moments for conference delegates.”

—Nicole Etherington, Event Manager – Global Exhibitions, Informa

“Best presentation – tough to beat!”

  “Excellent speaker! I really enjoyed his presentation”

“Expanded on keynote speech – very engaging!”

“Loved the concept!”

“Best speaker – the small exercises he used were very useful to make his point”

“Excellent and dynamic speaker. Very useful content + personal examples”

“Excellent! Lots of new ideas I can apply to my work” 

“Upbeat presenter”

Engaging and Dynamic

“Gregg is an engaging and dynamic speaker. A very well paced session made relevant by Gregg’s knowledge of subject matter and the host institution.

~Director Ontario College

Very Funny

Very funny, clear explanations, relevant examples, engaging speaker.”

~Human Resources Ontario College

High Energy

“High energy and great humour made the session anything but boring! This session exceeded my expectations.”

~ Human Resource Professional

Excellent Speaker

“Gregg was very engaging and fun. An excellent speaker, Gregg motivated us, made us think and gave us a lot of valuable information that we can immediately use.”

~ AVP, Mackenzie Investments

Down to Earth

“Gregg Brown was an excellent speaker to kick off day two of our conference. Energetic, down to earth, Gregg had researched and ‘knew’ his audience.  His engaging keynote gave his audience new perspectives on resiliency with plenty of tips to take back and use in the workplace.”

~ Associate Executive Director, Ontario Occupational Health Nurses Association

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