Unfocus Your Attention OG

Unfocus Your Attention

Just yesterday, I woke up feeling this level of unease as I feel there is so much uncertainty going on in my life. I feel I’ve been living it for nearly three years, and I just need something constant. 

The world has opened up again, and we all seem to be working and living very quickly. I’m feeling like I need stability, yet I feel uncertain about where I’m living. We need a bigger city place, now that we are back there more. I’m loving being at the lake, but I’m being pulled into the city more. I love flying and seeing people again.   

My work is busy as heck (which I’m very grateful for), and I’m feeling like there is so much going on that I need to focus on something. I’m once again learning how to be prepared to be unprepared and how to live in the ‘gray’ area where things aren’t clear or in focus.

In our hyper-driven society, we are usually taught that focus is the key to success.

To-do lists, timetables, calendar reminders…they’re all designed to keep us focused and on task.

So, it might come as a surprise to learn that focusing has downsides.

Excessive focus is exhausting for your brain. 

In addition to draining your energy, it may lower your self-control and lead to impulsive decisions. And can make you feel overwhelmed.

So today, instead of telling you to focus on your work, I’m encouraging you to UNFOCUS.

Unfocusing may not come naturally…

After all, you’ve been trained your whole life to focus your attention and stop your mind from wandering.

That’s why I’m sharing some simple and effective ways (completely backed by science!) to help you unfocus.

Check out the article here that I really enjoyed,  and have fun building your unfocusing skills!

your brain can only take so much focus