Overcoming Disruptive Change OG

Overcoming Disruptive Change

I’m just back from a week-long vacation on the west coast of Canada, where I got to sit and look at the ocean and mountains and take a break from work. Can’t remember when I last did that!

Here’s an article I wrote a few years back for Thrive Global.

How to Create Positive Change in Your Work, Life and Community

Try these 3 methods to transform disruptive change to a positive outcome. This includes the positive action equation that I frequently get asked about!

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New video out: You are more change ready than you think!  I think there are some good nuggets in there, although I am a bit biased!

I’m so excited to be interviewed at this event, by Lynda Monk. We will be discussing all things change-related – and specifically …..Go To The Page Speaker Series running June 19-26th. While registration isn’t open yet,  you can check out the organization at www.iajw.org.

I saw Dr. Marshall Goldsmith do an opening keynote back in the early 2000s in Chicago at an organizational development conference. I loved how he engaged the audience for the hour and made us do things. I vowed if I ever did keynotes, to try the same – and I have.

Marshall was the first person I thought of to ask for an endorsement of my book. I don’t know him personally but took a risk, emailed through his website, and told him how much his work influenced me – and BAM he agreed, if he liked the book.

When he sent me the below – I was not only completely blown away – but extremely humbled.

Thanks Marshall for this!

If you’d like to pre-order SPARK ACTION: How to Lead Change That Matters, click on this link: https://www.greggbrown.ca/spark-action-book/  and see what my gifts are to those of you who pre-order. I’m so excited about this!

A huge thank you for continuing to support my work.