How to Increase Your Effectiveness During Change

How to Increase Your Effectiveness During Change

So many of us say that we love change and want change…that is, until the change impacts us negatively.

When we don’t agree with the change, or the change isn’t our idea, or we don’t see the importance of the change, we suddenly go from change ready to change reluctant

Change reluctance is a virus that can spread to others and even impact the entire organization.

To avoid negatively impacting your business during times of change, listen to the #ChangeHack video below.

In it, I share five strategies that will increase your effectiveness during change.

The strategies include:

  1. Accepting that productivity drops during change.
  2. Understanding your role in helping others become open to change.
  3. Creating new neural pathways that make change second nature.
  4. Recognizing the amount of energy that is needed for change.
  5. Harnessing the power within you to embrace change.

Regardless of your job title, you are a leader.

You have the ability to shift people’s mindsets during change and help them adapt.

These tips will increase your effectiveness during change, so you will adapt to change quickly and make the process of change smoother for others as well.