create a new comfort zone

Creating a New Comfort Zone

When it comes to change, experts often talk about how your comfort zone is dangerous.

And that can be true. 

After all, when a person is in their comfort zone, they may be resistant to change and feel overwhelmed with feelings of fear and uncertainty.

However, there are benefits of comfort zones too, and that’s the topic of my latest #ChangeHack video.

The reality is that people are most productive when they are in their comfort zone.

They use the least amount of energy to do the maximum amount of work.

They feel confident and empowered.

And this is what you’d love to see from your employees and team members, right?

So, knowing how comfort zones work, you can use this knowledge to your advantage the next time you introduce change to your organization.

It’s not about fighting a person’s comfort zone.

It’s about using established techniques to help them create a new comfort zone.

Learn about it by watching the video above, and for more help, check out my Leading Change, Building Resilience Course!