#ChangeHack: Wisdom + Action = Change

When you have gleaned the wisdom you need, there comes a point where you have to stop gathering information and take small, simple, and manageable steps to start the change process – especially during times of uncertainty.

Especially in cases where change is more complex, you may not be sure which steps to take first. Any step forward is better than no step at all (most of the time!). So start small and see what happens. You can always backtrack and try something else. 

Waiting until you feel it’s 100% safe to proceed may leave you feeling paralyzed because change can be dynamic and involve many variables. You might never feel 100% about every step, so don’t procrastinate and take the risk of that first small step. As you move forward, you’ll start taking additional actions with more confidence.   

Remember, that first step can’t be successfully taken without a combination of knowledge and action. One without the other will prove ineffective.