navigating the future

A Necessary Reminder: You Are Capable of Navigating the Future!

People in your organization will handle change differently. Some will be eager to jump into new ideas and ways to of doing things. Meanwhile, others will experience feelings of doubt, and may even believe they are not capable of navigating the future. 

For these people, change may make them feel overwhelmed, demotivated, or just plain ‘stuck.’

As a leader, you’re probably wondering how you can help. How can you motivate them? How can you help them get ‘unstuck’?

In this #ChangeHack video I’m sharing a little tip that can help increase people’s ability to handle change by making them realize they are capable of navigating the future.

This tip involves: 

  • Reminding your team of a time when they handled change well in the past…
  • So, they can access the same skills and abilities they used to succeed back then…
  • And apply these skills and abilities to their current situation. 

In essence, every person has their own formula for how to personally manage change. So, by reflecting on past ‘wins,’ they can understand their formula for success.

And not in just in a vague, “I believe in myself” sort of way.

But in a specific and bold way that confidently asserts, “I know I am capable of managing change because I possess XYZ skills and abilities that will pull me through.”

Click the video to learn more about this tip (PLUS a bonus tip for leaders who have the unfortunate duty of laying off workers). 

Reminding your team that they are capable of navigating the future will help them harness the skills, abilities, and mindset they need to be successful. 

Try it out today!