when uncertainty is the new normal

The Question to Ask When Uncertainty is the New Normal

Since it’s the love month…

A few weeks ago, my partner was suggesting that we change the chairs in the dining room. I immediately responded “Why the heck would we do that? We have so much going on right now? Plus look what’s going on in the world right now! Who cares about chairs!!!???”

As he tried to explain it to me, I wasn’t able to hear it. As I calmed down, I remembered that just maybe, there was an option I hadn’t thought of, and just MAYBE his suggestion might have something good in it. (Something I suggest people do frequently!)  

As he explained to me, how this would happen: we would get some really nice ones from his sister, a designer, at a really good price – I became open to the possibility – and BAM we have some new chairs.

In the last few years, I’ve sure learned that while I may know a lot about change, sometimes it’s hard to put it into practice at work and especially in my personal life! When it comes to change, the first thing to understand is that no matter how accomplished we are, or how much we have learned, or how long we have been in a leadership role, we are not masters of change.

Change requires us to expand the vision of who we are and what we, our teams, and organizations can do. To lead through change, I’ve found it helps to ask the question: If I’m willing to let go of the reality that is predictable, what is possible in the unknown?  

You may find if you ask this question, you are open to something even better than new chairs!

I hope you find this article useful!

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