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The #1 Reason Why Change Initiatives Fail

Change initiatives fail a lot. We all know that!

Maybe it’s even happened in your business or organization.

And from my own experience, plus talking to countless people, I’ve discovered that it doesn’t happen for the reasons you may expect.  

I know I used to think they happened because people didn’t have the right knowledge, skill or training. Not true! While that’s a component, it’s not the main reason I’ve found.

Change initiatives rarely break down because of the budget.

Nor do they fall through because of problems with planning or even implementation! I expect lots of things to happen during implementation.

Most change initiatives fail for a simple reason, and I’m sharing what that is in this #ChangeHack video.

(A shout out to the awesome team at  National  Speakers Bureau  who filmed this!)

Did you have a quick look? I find this video is sure to have you taking a closer look at your day-to-day interactions and how they impact how you implement change in your business and organization.

See you soon! Hopefully in person!