Break Through Imposter Syndrome to Spark Action

Will 2024 be the year you spark action to lead positive change?

It’s natural to set goals at the start of a new year, but setting a goal isn’t enough to create change on its own. (Wouldn’t it be great if it were that easy?)

To create change, first you have to know yourself – where you thrive, where you shine, what motivates you. Then you have to get out of your own way.

Silencing your inner trash talk.

You know that feeling of not being good enough to be doing what you’re doing? This is known as imposter syndrome, and according to a 2020 study, 82% of the population has felt this phenomenon during their career. Personally, I think the other 18% have also experienced it but don’t recognize it as imposter syndrome. (I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t felt like an imposter at some point – have you?)

Your self-imposed limitations about what you can or cannot do are your greatest barrier to change and to getting others engaged in your ideas. So don't talk yourself out of your ideas before you're even started! – Gregg Brown

Imposter syndrome often manifests itself as self-doubt, or what I call “inner trash talk.” Here are a few examples:

  • Who am I to be doing this?
  • Who am I to create this change?
  • Why should anyone listen to me?

So how can you silence that inner trash talk?

How To Address And Overcome Imposter Syndrome

It all starts with rewriting the stories you tell yourself about yourself.

I wrote about how to do this in my article, “How To Address And Overcome Imposter Syndrome,” for Forbes.

I’ve used these tips before, and found them very helpful in rewriting the stories I tell myself. Pick one and give it a try!

Gregg Brown on CTV’s The Social

Does thinking about changes that might happen make you worry? Check out this clip from my appearance on The Social to find out what the research tells us. It may surprise you!

How To Get Out Of Your Own Way

Create Change That Matters

Before you can spark action in others, you need to get out of your own way! To help you do so, I’m sharing a chapter from my book, Spark Action.

Download your free copy here, and if you like what you read, you can order the full book here.

I hope this helps you kick-start the new year and spark action all year long!

Here’s to a great 2024!