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4 Solution-Focused Questions to Ask When Facing Challenges in Your Organization

Problems are inevitable in business.

Whether it’s a global pandemic, a national economic downturn, or a specific challenge plaguing your company, you will run into problems.

Since problems are inevitable, what separates successful organizations from those that flounder and fail is how they handle them.

It’s tempting to obsess about the problem itself, but it’s not helpful.

What you need in times of crisis is solution-focused thinking.

Solution-focused thinking is beneficial because: 

  • It shifts our energy away from negativity and toward finding solutions.
  • It helps us gain control, moving from helplessness to hopefulness.
  • It improves productivity as the organization works toward shared solutions and goals.
  • It approaches problems from a state of optimism—that the problem can and will be solved.

Solution-focused thinking requires solution-focused questions.

This video, short and sweet, contains four essential solution-focused questions that I encourage you to consider.


If you’re a leader, these are the questions you should ask when you face challenges in your organization.

So, grab your pen and paper and write down these solution-focused questions for future reference.

Since problems are inevitable, you’re bound to need them eventually!

And when they do, you’ll be prepared.