One Good Thing to Build Future-Ready Teams

Welcome to One Good Thing: a 60-second read to help you spark action and be future ready.

In this month’s edition, here’s One Good Thing to help you align and build future ready teams.

Start by asking the question, “Where can you future focus your language?”

Future focusing your language gets your brain engaged in creating new ideas to develop the future – and handle whatever comes up.

Move your language away from “I’m not sure what to do here” – which brings you more ideas of what not to do.

Future focus your language to “We are going to figure this out.”

And guess what! Within 2-3 minutes you’ll get ideas to figure it out.

It sounds simple, yet the language you use is the currency with which you get your work done. And you want your brain and your teams to work quickly.

That’s the starting point of aligning your team and making them future ready!