HRchat Podcast – Interviews with HR, Talent and Tech Experts: Navigating Waves of Change with Gregg Brown

Check out this HR Chat podcast where we answer the question: How can we lead others to dive into the never-ending waves of change?

Questions I answer include:

  • Details on my new book coming out. It’s called SPARK ACTION.
  • What is the Future of Work looking like from my perspective and how does that impact the HR profession?
  • DEI is the top of mind for many HR professionals today. I talk in the book about how to build a bridge with topics that might be perceived as tough. What are my top tips for listeners who have to have those conversations?
  • What are those processes to create safe conversations around DEI?
  • Many employees are feeling overwhelmed these days with the amount of change caused by tech and other contextual issues. What are my top tips for people to manage the overwhelm of the constantly changing world of work?
  • Prioritization – what about getting rid of the clutter e.g. Chris Lovett – minimalism
  • I lay out a roadmap for people to engage others so they can take action. What’s the #1 thing I suggest to people to improve their ability to get others to take action quickly – given all the competing pressures going?

Listen here.

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