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Navigating the Uncertainty of the Future – Ukraine

Navigating the Uncertainty of the Future Ukraine Flag

Hello all,

Posting something on organizational change and the future of work just didn’t feel right this week, given what’s going on in Ukraine.

As we enter week three of the invasion of Ukraine, I keep opening the news on my mobile phone hoping to see the war is over.

It is heartbreaking for all of us to watch the destruction and human loss.

While I know there are many wars going on the planet, this one feels closer to home for me personally.

Every time I read news about the people of Ukraine I ask myself “Who are these people?” They are so courageous to fight.

Like many of you, I’ve been so inspired by their president Volodymyr Zelensky, as well as the everyday citizen.

What you can do to support this inspiration:  We have been talking in keynotes and workshops about what we can learn from President Zelenksy from a leadership perspective. What does he do to inspire the nation and the world? What characteristics does he show?  Have that conversation with your colleagues and see what comes up.   

Moving through this:

Navigating the uncertainty of the future requires us to stay informed, while at the same time taking small, simple manageable steps to move through it.

Let’s hope this ends soon. Here are a few pieces that have inspired and helped me move through this so far:

  1. This Ukrainian soccer player was moved to tears by the standing ovation he received:
  2. Oleksiy Potyomkin, the principal dancer at the National Opera of Ukraine has been documenting switching from ballet shoes to guns and Lesya Vorotnyk, a ballerina from the same ballet company has done the same.
  3. The Ukrainian Library Association cancelled their upcoming conference and said it would return “when they vanquished the invaders”. Here’s an article on how they are creating their own “Internet Military against Fake News”
  4. If you feel so inclined, donate to a charity to help out the people on the ground.

Let’s work to transmute these horrible events and use our energy to support the Ukrainian people through a way that feels right for you.