People and Performance Podcast – Creating Positive Change at Work with Gregg Brown

I recently spoke on the People and Performance podcast!

Questions I answer include:

  • I recently wrote a blog post on how to create positive change in your work, life, and community.
  • In a recent LI post, I wrote, “In business, problems are inevitable. Successful organizations distinguish themselves by focusing on solutions. What does solution-focused thinking do for us?” I dive into what solution-focused thinking does for us in the context of improving the performance of employees.
  • I share some of my go-to tips for tackling a busy schedule so one can focus on what will push the needle forward.
  • I discuss the launch of my new book, “SPARK ACTION”
  • I lay out a roadmap for people to engage others so they can take action. I provide 3 things I suggest to people to improve their ability to get others to take action quickly – given all the competing pressures going!

Listen here.