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Crafting Compelling Change Stories

Happy October!

In the last few months, I’ve had a number of requests for the topic “How do we influence and engage others to take action” when we are all feeling a little ‘changed out’.

Happy October! Newsletter

Crafting Compelling Change Stories to Inspire Action is a new virtual session I’m offering. Whether you have to have a short ‘hallway conversation’ to engage a colleague in your ideas, a 15-minute presentation at a meeting to get people on board with your ideas,  or a longer conversation with an individual or group – this is for you! Shoot me a note; I’ll send you a description, and we can have a short chat about it – then tailor it to your group.

In this short podcast and video, I share some principles, tips, and steps that apply to all of us in our roles as change agents as we engage others to take action.

You may think, “this isn’t for me”, yet you speak every day in your work. While it may not be on stage – you speak. You speak a lot!

You are always trying to influence and engage others in your ideas.  Have a listen!

While this short podcast is aimed at speakers who speak on tricky topics, I’m sure you will find similarities in your work!

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Hot off the presses – our latest updated resource for you. An 8 Step Guide to Navigate the Future of Work. Just click here to download.

Feel free to share with your teams.

Have a good month!