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Addressing the Barriers to Being Change-Ready

Many people say they are change-ready without realizing that a change-ready attitude is always conditional.

We are change-ready when we like the ideas, we like the people the ideas are coming from, and the impact on us is not negative.

If the change is good for us, we will embrace it!

However, if you flip those things around, you get three major barriers to being change-ready that must be addressed.

The barriers to being change-ready are:

  • When you don’t like the idea
  • When you don’t like the person/people the ideas are coming from
  • When the impact on you is negative

For example, if a group of employees is told that new efficiencies will cause 50 percent of them to lose their job, they will not be change-ready.

Not one person is change-ready if the change impacts them negatively.

So, as a leader, what can you do to address these barriers when rolling out the next change in your organization?

In this #ChangeHack video, you’ll get some answers:

This clip from a presentation at a technology conference back in 2017 shares insight on comfort zone, productivity, and resistors, including a tip about how you can move people into change by acknowledging as much as problem-solving. 

Watch the video to find out what I mean and learn how to address the barriers to being change-ready in your organization.