Purpose, Brains, and Stories of Hope

1. Purpose and Priorities

Here’s a quick tip on how to focus yourself and your team on purpose and priorities during a crisis.

2. How to Get Brains to Pay Attention!

I love the intersection of physiology and psychology. Anything on brain science, I’m there.

I  read a fascinating article in T&D magazine published by The Association for Talent Development. (Here’s a similar article by the author, Paul Zak.)The research shows the more we are able to attach value to our experiences, and the more emotion we can attach to it – the more we learn and remember!

Creating the narrative and story around data engages our brain more deeply to learn. Makes sense! Now there is the neuroscience to support that.

What the author also found was that Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs overrides anything a speaker, facilitator or trainer can do. It doesn’t matter how great a speaker they are, if you’re hungry your brain can’t get the energy it needs to learn. Attention is “metabolically costly.” It’s physiology!

3. Stories of Hope, Resilience, and Inspiration

Do you need some inspiration during these times? I know, from my own personal experience, these days have their ups and their downs! And frankly, I’m sick of this whole pandemic!

If I wasn’t so fortunate to be busy speaking and facilitating virtually, I might go a bit bananas. My professional association, The American Psychological Association, has a whole section for the public on helpful resources related to the pandemic.

Check out this short article that has personal stories of hope, resilience, and inspiration during the coronavirus epidemic from people in Nepal, France, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Colombia to name a few. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.