Navigate the Future – Keynote clip with example and closing.
Gregg Brown Speaking Reel
CandyCast Podcast: Leading Through the Post-Pandemic World with Darrell Keezer
Avoid the Tyranny of Positive Thinking!
Demo Reel
Shift Your Mindset - Virtual Keynote Sample
Create the Courage to Change
Keynote excerpt creating the courage to change.
How Brain Science Impacts Engagement & Trust
Keynote excerpt on the #1 Leadership Competency: The ability to create engagement, commitment and trust with a fun example using brain science!
CTV’s The Social
Gregg Brown discusses how to master the art of change and how handling unexpected change is easier than you think!
Gregg Brown’s tips to shift from negative into positive
How communication is the foundation of relationships and the ways you can take on negative thoughts with a positive approach.
How to Be Change Ready
Keynote excerpt about the field where change and innovation happens.
5 Strategies to Increase Your Effectiveness During Change
Closing Keynote – Audience 1000
Ideas Into Action Podcast with Hamza Khan
Gregg Brown talks with Hamza Khan about the power of calmness, personal leadership, and public speaking. We also talked about structured downtime, relaxation practices, and getting in the zone.
Change is Not a Dirty Word – Ted Style Talk at the Big Ideas Series
Guess what? You can ‘teach an old dog new tricks’. Using a practical technique, people can channel the energy of change to assist themselves, their teams and their organizations to respond to the ever-changing environment.
Leading at the Edge: 3 Tips to Lead Your Team through Pandemic Uncertainty
In this virtual presentation demo, Gregg Brown shares tips leaders can use to guide their team through the uncertainty of the pandemic.

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