Developing Leadership Resilience  5 Strategies to Increase Your Effectiveness During Change

Closing Keynote  Audience 1000

What an Inspiring and engaging presenter!  We loved the key take aways and real life examples shared in his presentation at our staff day. Gregg did a great job getting an important message out to our attendees and did it with the perfect blend of charm and humour.

—Conference Planner, Municipal Government

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Change is Not a Dirty Word – Ted Style Talk at the Big Ideas Series

Guess what? You can ‘teach an old dog new tricks’. Using a practical technique, people can channel the energy of change to assist themselves, their teams and their organizations to respond to the ever-changing environment.

Ideas Into Action Podcast with Hamza Khan

Gregg Brown talks with Hamza Khan about the power of calmness, personal leadership, and public speaking. We also talked about structured downtime, relaxation practices, and getting in the zone.


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Gregg Brown discusses how to master the art of change and how handling unexpected change is easier than you think!

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How communication is the foundation of relationships and the ways you can take on negative thoughts with a positive approach.

Mastering Change in Uncertain TimesIncreasing Your Effectiveness

The subject was developing your strategies to be resilient and handle change.

Building Leadership Resilience

Adapting to change, why change is hard, and what to do about it.

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