The Social Movement TV Show

I’ve been chomping at the bit to tell you this and today I finally can! I’ve been given the opportunity to participate in Season 2 of The Social Movement (TV Series), an international reality TV show.

This groundbreaking show brings together entrepreneurs with some kids – all of us from 13 to 80 years of age, to tackle some of the planet’s biggest social issues such as poverty, hunger, and cancer.


  • 4 Days to End Suicide
  • 4 Days to Stop a Hurricane
  • 4 Days to Reinvest the Education System
  • 4 Days to Stop the #1 Killer in the World
  • 4 Days to End Racism
  • 4 Days to Cure Cancer
  • 4 Days to End Hunger
  • 4 Days to End Climate Crisis
  • 4 Days to Empower Women
  • 4 Days to End a Pandemic

The Social Movement will air on Amazon Prime and Apple TV, among others. (Season 1 airs Labour Day. Season 2 next year!)

I’m so excited to share this journey with you. I can’t wait!!!

If you’d like to follow along, updates will be on my Instagram page HERE.


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All of us are required to execute change

( regardless of our job titles! )

My Short Bio:

Gregg has been helping leaders and teams harness the power and magic of change for over 25 years. He is the author of Ready, Set, Change AGAIN! and The Top 10 Change Hacks.

In addition to leading many complex change initiatives in his career, Gregg holds a Master’s degree from the University of Leicester in the UK, with a focus on organizational psychology, leadership and performance and is an Associate Member of the American Psychological Association. 

Prior to COVID-19, Gregg was often found on a plane heading to speak to diverse audiences on our beautiful planet including all over North America and Europe! Now he is fortunate to speak and connect virtually with numerous Fortune 500 companies, government and non-government organizations, associations and not-for-profits in places ranging from Dubai to Kenya, Switzerland to Myanmar and the rest of the world.

He is passionate about the success of his community, and mentors young entrepreneurs who run busy, diversified businesses. 

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