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To engage participants and stimulate learning, these workshops are highly interactive and are designed to stimulate the transfer of learning back to the workplace. The workshops encompass reflective practice, a small amount of lecture, and guided large and small group discussions. Participants are asked to work on ‘real world’ issues and develop action plans. I work with you to tailor these workshops with language and examples to suit your organization.

Exercising Influence: Building Relationships and Getting Results


Effective influence skills enable you and your organization to build the relationships necessary to get positive results with colleagues, customers, suppliers and others, regardless of your positional power. It enables you to move your ideas into action by stimulating others to support, allow, provide resources for, or participate actively in your initiatives.

Our accelerated learning program will help you develop strength, focus, and flexibility as an influencer, especially when you don’t have authority. Exercising Influence™ provides you with valuable insights into your strengths and areas for growth through an on-line influence behavior survey, engaging experiential exercises, peer and instructor feedback, and post-program support tools.

Program Objectives

As a participant, you will:

  • Assess your current use of influence behaviors, identify areas for growth and develop additional skills.
  • Practice behavioral influence skills and receive feedback in order to develop effective behaviors.
  • Define clear and powerful influence goals.
  • Apply a contextual framework to analyze the “big picture” and cultural complexities of your real world influence challenges.
  • Plan and practice approaches for successfully influencing up, down, across and outside of your organization.

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Strategic Thinking: Leadership Tools for Planning, Problem-Solving, and Decision-Making


Dynamic, innovative organizations need leaders at all levels who can think critically, anticipate issues, solve problems, make good decisions, and take appropriate actions, while still keeping the long-term vision and organizational goals in mind. Strategic Thinking™ must become part of daily practice to achieve success.

Strategic Thinking is a flexible, ongoing process for achieving results in a rapidly changing business environment. Strategic Thinking integrates critical thinking, systems thinking, and creative thinking to help you become a more future-focused leader.

Program Objectives

As a participant, you will:

  • Examine aspects of strategic thinking you currently use and those you under-use.
  • Define strategic, systems, creative, and critical thinking
  • Identify current issues which require strategic thinking
  • Ask questions that stimulate strategic thinking in yourself and others
  • Develop approaches to help stakeholders think and act strategically
  • Identify other tools which you can learn and apply in the future
  • Apply a model and strategic thinking tools to a current issue for you or your team.

Used with Permission ©2015 Barnes & Conti Associates, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Leading Change with Impact


Many organizations are faced with the reality of having to produce more at a faster pace, with increased complexity and uncertainty. The process of change can bring stress to even the strongest organizations. To get people on board with proposed changes, it requires skillful leaders to guide staff through the transitions of change, to move them from their current position to the desired future end state.

Leading Change with Impact will assist leaders to anticipate reactions to change that individuals encounter when dealing with organizational change, including their own, and how to respond appropriately to address concerns employees may have. This workshop examines how we adapt to change that isn’t our idea, change that is imposed upon us or change that may have a negative impact on us in the workplace or change that seems just “too much”. Participants will leave with practical strategies to lead people through change and to support their team’s ability to adapt to change – and just as importantly get ‘unstuck’ when they may get stuck.

Building Resilience At Work


People are doing more – faster, better and with less. In today’s environment, the ability to efficiently and effectively handle change and be resilient is critical to your success (as an individual and an organization!). We know things aren’t slowing down. Resilience is that ability to maintain your productivity, especially during times of change and uncertainty. How do you keep up and adapt to all these changes – both large and small?

We are all good at handling change we agree with – but not so much change we may disagree with!

Building Resilience At Work examines how we adapt to change that isn’t our idea, change that is imposed upon us or change that may have a negative impact on us in the workplace or change that seems just “too much”. Participants will leave with practical strategies to support their own and their colleague’s ability to adapt to change. 

The Mastery of Change™ Thriving in Interesting Times


Organizational change may be stimulated in many ways: by new ownership, market forces, technological innovation, as well as economic, social, and political trends. The challenge is how to implement the change with minimal resistance and downtime.

The Mastery of Change™ offers tools for leaders, managers and others who are responsible for the successful planning and implementation of change. Participants will be able to distinguish between the strategic issues involved in change and the tactical issues involved in transition, and develop a plan for both. They will also discuss how to communicate effectively with stakeholders so they have broad ownership of the change process. Just as importantly, this workshop will also help participants guide stakeholders to see a positive vision of the ideal result of a change and empower them to contribute to that result.

This program provides a practical opportunity to develop a change implementation plan and a forum in which real change issues are discussed and real planning takes place.

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